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Thread: Types of music

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    Types of music

    Have ever thought about what kind of music are there? More precisely, to all the music that divided and where to classify her subtypes and which songs belong to which subtypes? What is your favorite type of music?

    My favorite is POP

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    Music connects people from different religion into one relationship. I am also very much fond of listening music and some of my favorite music types are pop, rock, classical and romantic.

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    My favourite type is hip-hop, as i'm a fan of wordplay, and i focus on listening to lyrics rather than the beat in the background

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    These are pretty general categories so far... things I like include nu-skool breaks, bro-step, and electro house.

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    pop rock

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    Hey guys. I know this post has no relevance what so ever to this thread, but im trying to build up some plays on my Soundcloud page. If you enjoy listening to new music please check it out! It has everything from Acoustic rap, Rock rap, Mellow rap + Many more styles that could potentially reach out to a wide variety of musical tastes. So check me out please! All feedback is welcome XD

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    My favourite type is indi rock =D

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