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Thread: Hard Rap or Ghetto Hip Hop

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    Hard Rap or Ghetto Hip Hop

    The idea that hard rap and ghetto hiphop are two of the same suck balls,
    i would like to discuss the differences between rap and hiphop

    who is the best

    no one knows

    i love the old stuff, early 90s rap is probs my fav but i want to know your take on things

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    Check out Lokeythayg(dot)com

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    Hey great topic…Check out JNR & Enz from Birmingham, UK, let us know what your opinion is!!! Check out their 2 latest tracks released “That’s where im from” & "Swagga So Cold" available on YouTube featured on BBC2's comedy drama "Vexed"...(sorry can't post links yet)

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    I like happy rap, e.g B.O.B, and artistic and technical , like old Jay - Z

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