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    Im looking to get a new Logo for Contagious Records (my label) and I here that there are some wicked designers on this forum.... so if u can all send me any logo idea's u have to I may use it for the next few releases on my label.

    In return your designs will get a lot of exposure in the music industry in the uk and beyond and ur contact details will be on the label so that u can get ur name about and possible get more work from other people in the scene and other scenes.

    Also if u cant think of any ideas for Contagious, I am also looking for a design for a new label me and Oris Jay have started call 'Hard Livin' .......

    So if any of you are interested email your ideas to me!!

    Thanks Mark

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    do u want me to include this on our next email out to users ?

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    Yeah please that would be cool!
    Respect for that!!

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    Good Idea MissC - always thinkin'

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    i think you should try googling or. try this link 70+ Inspirational Logo Designs |
    this will be very helpful for you

    Sarah Johnson
    Graphics Designer
    Logo Designs Company

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    yes,your recommendation is good !

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    Try my studio - Eyemagics Design (www eyemagics com) - have done a lot of logos... also for record labels - Yin Yang digital, Wawaviva, Audionautica...

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    thank u

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