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Thread: Looking for collaborations

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    Looking for collaborations

    Hi everyone! I'm Sarah, the singer in The Empire Lights. We are currently based in Ireland but because our single release went really well we are moving to London in the next few months to record our album.
    If anyone (musicians, producers, djs, songwriters etc) is interested in collaborating ideas and talents, let me know! We are very open to ideas.
    As a singer I would also love to collaborate with different music minded people for different projects and get my voice out there.
    I can't post a link to our stuff cause I haven't been a member long enough but let me know if you want to check out our music video! Other wise you can just type in The Empire Lights Momentum into youtube.

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    If you click the youtube icon under my photo that's our music video
    our album will be similar to this style but with a more radio/dance feel to it

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