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Thread: ROCK is NOT DEAD!?!

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    ROCK is NOT DEAD!?!

    So I have been going to a fair amount of London shows recently, partly because I used to love the live music scene in London and partly because I am desperate for a band to restore my faith in exciting new music.

    I had lost all but the tiniest iota of hope until, by some miracle, I ended up seeing the same band twice in a matter of days.

    I, like the rest of the audience, had no preconceived opinion of this band. They are, by what I can deduce, a new Bristol based outfit and they have yet to develop a significant London following, but as DOLL RATS took the stage, all dressed in skinnies and beaters (cliche perhaps but does the job) I must admit I sensed a small glimmer of hope.

    By the end of their first song that glimmer of hope had blossomed into fully blown adoration.

    They reminded me of The Smiths but heavier, almost like Nirvana but more like Kings of Leon, but not quite like Kings of Leon...more like foo fighters...or early U2?! THE truth is, its impossible to pin them down. Their set shifted through various styles of sound but they retained an underlying vibe.

    This isn't a band you can pigeon hole. The only way of describing their sound is DOLL RATS.

    I was ecstatic that I saw them. Yet, I didn't make a big deal out of it, partly through elation and partly because I felt the band had already given me enough. When offered a CD I accepted (obviously) and then I left.

    I put the 4 track EP in my cars player and drove home.

    The recordings are obviously a DIY job but still retain the essence of what captured my heart earlier that night.

    The band have restored my faith in intelligent song writing and my faith in the London music scene.

    If you do nothing else today check out DOLL RATS...and if you do nothing else this summer...go to one of their shows.

    Their shows > theirs recordings > anything else i've heard in the last 6 months.

    Check out This Isn't California and Ali and Frazier. (They have a video for their song 'Sex Is A Drug' but its not their best song by any means.)


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    Have searched and can only find Sex Is A Drug youtube video. It is rather good though

    Would be interested to hear other tracks if anyone knows where to find them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 48Raisins View Post
    Have searched and can only find Sex Is A Drug youtube video. It is rather good though

    Would be interested to hear other tracks if anyone knows where to find them.
    hey, I just went through facebook to be honest. .com/dollrats

    Although having googled them just now i found you can buy their EP on bandcamp, this is probably one of the few instances where I'd suggest people support the band and buy the EP. I've had my copy on repeat for the last few days, the only down side is that it is only 4 songs.

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    ok yeah! Probably wont buy it just yet aha but am enjoying reading through all their facebook posts haha!

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    ...actually, you can stream entire EP from dollrats (dot) bandcamp (dot) com

    loving the opener right now!

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    Your soul and mine? That was one of the highlights of the set actually. The recordings only do the songs justice full blast in my car ha.

    Ali and frazier is my favourite right now. But earlier it was this isnt california lol

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    Found this, don't know if you'd seen it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm off for the night, glad i found this site and thanks for the heads up.

    I'm a fan haa!

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    Re: ROCK is NOT DEAD!?!

    Rock had a great year at the uk festivals this year

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    I fully agree with you statment Rock is not Dead because it has own popularity in the current music industry. Most of the persons now a days listening this type music because I personally think it is the best compare than others.

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