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Thread: If you could pick 1 movie to watch...

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    If you could pick 1 movie to watch...

    As a sort of 'last meal on death row' scenario, which film would you choose and why?

    Right now I'd probably choose the Avengers because I haven't seen it lol, but usually... I would choose for some reason, thinking about death, maybe the Last Samurai.

    Now you?

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    Stand By Me - Greatest film ever, bit of a boys coming of age film tho

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    Friday - Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. That way I'd die smiling

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    Probably something like the Lion King lol

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    Shawshank Redemption for some escape tips LOL
    Are there too many guitar shops in Peterborough? You only need one: GTR Music.

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    How high haha

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    Ripley's Game - to remind me what $$$$$$$s humans can be.

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