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Thread: best decade for popular music

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    best decade for popular music

    As the title states, what. decade do you think was the best for music?

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    Personally i choose the 80s, many great bands were around and we had the best ever live show in live aid, plus i love the synth-pop sound vince clarke pioneered

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    its hard to tell...many generations..many many influences

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    yeah i mean it has to be the 80's for pop music - the music / clothes and hair style may well have been very dodgy but that what pop was all about - i mean now its all taken a little too seriously

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    80s were cool but janet michael

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    According to me 80s is best decade for popular music and I always prefer this type of music. I like to choice this type of pop music so it is very best music for listening. You can listen and make some lyrics for music and always prefer some best music.

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    For me, it's any decade except the 80s. And perhaps the 00s. But it's all subjective of course...

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