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Thread: Hi I am Luis from

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    Hi I am Luis from

    Hi Guys,

    My name is Luis from and I am the A&R Rep for that particular Record Label. We are going to be on here letting you all know about releases, parties, events, and looking for talent as well. If you guys have any questions be sure to hit me up with a pm, contact me on our website, or send me smoke signals to Miami!

    I look forward to getting to know everyone.


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    Thanks Luis.

    Please feel free to post some of your artists on our Facebook wall. Always looking out for new music and happy to help spread the word.

    If you like what we are doing give our wall page a like as well.

    We are on twitter @londonsummerjam.

    And we are always looking out for artists for our blog. Here is the latest edition: LONDON SUMMER JAM MEETS JUICY AUDIO' S R DHAIN | WikiFestivals.

    If you like it please spread the word and get in touch.

    See you out there.

    Xx #LSJ

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