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Thread: Hi all Dear users ukmusic

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    Hi all Dear users ukmusic

    Hi all
    My name is Azik (Dj Proj)
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    1. I'm 19 years old born on September 8, 1992
    2. I live in Russia in Moscow
    3. Making music since 2008 in the genres of dubstep end dnb
    4. My creativity here soundcloud . com / mr-proj
    5. but there is not all of my tracks
    6. All my creativity here vk . com / listenproj

    Thank you for your attention

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    Thank you.

    Please feel free to post your music to our wall (link under our logo).

    A little more exposure for you.

    Also you can take a look at our blog here. LONDON SUMMER JAM MEETS JUICY AUDIO' S R DHAIN | WikiFestivals always happy to get people involved with us and help out where we can.

    Xx #LSJ

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