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Thread: Here to help promote unsigned,talented musicians/bands etc. via YouTube.

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    Here to help promote unsigned,talented musicians/bands etc. via YouTube.

    Hey everyone.
    In case you're wondering, I am a musician, but don't have any of my own stuff to advertise yet.
    Basically, I want to help other unsigned musicians out, because I know how difficult it can be to get your stuff out there. I've started doing this via YouTube and it's proving to be a success so far! I'm gaining quite a few subscribers a day now and it's picking up. I've even had to get somebody to co-run it with me as it was taking a lot of my time. The channel is a place for people to discover new unheard music but also a place for musicians, like yourselves to get your stuff out there.

    Please take a look and feel free to approach me if you want to be featured on the channel.

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    Cool we are connected with loads of promoters and promoter websites and bands so come along and meet a few who might be able to help you.

    Xx #LSJ

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    Hi guys sounds well great what your doing would love a little promotion help if you can?

    Got my main post In the introductions check it out


    Doc Bomz

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