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Thread: Music Production looking for artists and bands to develop

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    Music Production looking for artists and bands to develop

    We have worked on many recordings for major and indie labels. We are currently looking for new acts to work with and develop to push to our industry contacts. Looking for commercial, rock, pop, indie, new wave, acoustic. Artist music based in the North West or near to.

    Please email with info (at) sugarhousemusic . co . uk with some info on you band and a link to some music online. NO MP3!

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    hey my friend im not really apart of this band but like many others im a big big fan their name is JAMDOGGZ and they have a single out called "formula for love" and i sincerely believe that once you've heard them you'll be working with them.......... this site wont let me post a link but plz just type jamdoggz into your youtube or google search bar and they'll come up......... thankz again

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    E-mailed you. Might as well share it here as well!
    New Post Colonials - we're currently finishing recording an EP! Heres one of the songs, thanks!

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    check out my youtube link
    here <------

    i cant post links yet

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    Send to the email I've put in the original post.

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