Gary "G" Jenkins, lead singer of the multiplatinum group SILK, has released his brand new solo single "I Love" from his forthcoming album slated for a Fall 2012 release.

The single is a blend of traditional R&B with a new flavor transcending but not forgetting todayís music. Instead of trying to "keep up with the Jonesís" or to follow trends in the mainstream market, Gary is blazing his own trail.

It only takes one listen to this dynamic track for you to realize that Gary is not only a phenomenal vocalist, but a multi instrumentalist (something that was not showcased by his previous works as the lead singer for SILK) and a seasoned writer and producer as well; and one who has decided to stay true to his art form while understanding that he is going up against other artists who are relying on gimmicks as opposed to pure talent to promote record sales.

Iím already on board. Are you?

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