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Thread: All I know is the album cover! =(

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    All I know is the album cover! =(

    OK OK so I had this album about 4 years ago. It was a slipknot, Opeth, Ill Nino type of shouting screaming music.

    All I can remember is the album cover. I have been looking for a long long long time, but with just the description of the album in my head its not easy so

    first of all it had the

    parental advisory explicit lyrics.

    The art work itself is off

    a Women on what I could remember was kinda a dirty kitchen counter in the middle of the room. she was it looked like beging eaten (not in the picture) She was missing one of her boobs (cut off) and I remember she had marks else where on her.

    There was a sort of brownish tinge to the whole pic. That all I can remember.

    I have looked all other the net, going to try look in some shops soon.

    But ya thats it, anyone have any idea at all? and leads would be amazing!

    Remember the music was kinda of Slipknot type singing but a bit more less understanable to the untrained ear. if you understand me.

    Well hope somthing will come of this post

    if not thanks anyway


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    Sounds like something cannibal corpse might do

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    Texas chainsaw massacre

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    not sure

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    not sure

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    no good

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    So interesting post. i ave some covers please reviews its.

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