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Thread: 10-minute lyric blast!

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    10-minute lyric blast!

    I had 10 minutes to fill in between lectures so came up with this...

    Just last night I had a brawl with the cleaner
    Hes 50 with a nasty demeanour
    Born in Stafford in a two-bedroom terrace
    And when he dies his wifell be the heiress
    That old broom is some fierce weaponry
    He chases me down the hall breathlessly
    Unlike him Im not a broom collector
    So I hit him on the head with the overhead projector

    He tries to spray me with the Cillit Bang
    That godawful product with the peculiar tang
    But hes getting old and hes in poor shape
    So I sprint out through the fire escape
    I was so glad that I managed to survive it
    And today the cleaner got his P45 slip
    Hed been having it off with Margaret from admin
    His broom now lies all broken in the dustbin!

    Not too bad is it?!

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    Check out my video on youtube. Tell me what you think of the lyrics. Just type in "Big J lentz tv" Its the first video

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    corectly , not too bad ! like it

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