instead of looking for just lyrics and you don't have instrumentals we provide you with both. we also provide you with a demo recording of the song to make it easy for you to learn the melody and not only that after you are done recording the vocals we mix and master the song for free yes i did say free.
if you are doing a demo CD i will also forward your music to my A&R friend for some of the major labels i work for.
so if you are a beat producer and you have lots of beat just lying around let's turn them into songs,
or if you are a lyricist and need Arrangement for your Martial i am here am here to help as well.
to all aspiring singers i can help you get that 1st demo or album done and get it to the right people.

i look forward to working with you all. for info and testimonials GO TO : songwriter-jmusic dot webs dot com