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Thread: Paying Homeage

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    Paying Homeage

    If you love hip hop you'll feel me on this one.

    Here i'm paying homeage to the dead and gone
    Everytime we spit bars, every line is a dedication and through us they breathe on
    You don't gotta know them personally to feel like you knew em
    But sometimes I wish I could of been as close to them, as the person who slew'd em
    Ridin' in the suburban with BIG when he got clapped
    He told us skys the limit n changed the way we rapped
    Big Poppa died, but we ain't know if it was a revenge killin'
    Cause Pac got shot, but he stomped out Orlando, so maybe that dude caught a feelin'?

    Slim got bucked, word is he had a price on his head
    He lived a Soulja life mentality, so his destiny was filled with lead
    The violence is senseless, but dudes ain't give a damn
    They just doin' what they believe, the next man can
    That night in the studio, I bet Jam Master had on some shell toes
    Run DMC told us it was tricky, as far as rockin' rhymes goes
    The N.O is a grave yard, first it was Slim, 5 years later it was VL Mike
    From Cutthroat to Chopper City, dude's was really livin' that life

    The Bay went hyphy when Mac Dre got hit in Kansas
    This ain't The Wizard of Oz, they still ain't given us no answers
    Stack Bundles got merked, the dude was in his hometown
    Being famous around the jealous, can quickly get you shot down
    You can't even go shoppin' without watchin' your back
    Dolla's killer tried to board a plane, n he was still strapped
    Eminem made like toy soldiers, the video was a depiction
    Then Proof got killed n the sh*t was no longer fiction

    Sometimes you can be, in the wrong place at the wrong time
    They thought he was his brother, n Big L got hit with nine
    Freaky Tah got one in the dome, He was one of the Lost Boyz
    That night was Cheeks' birthday, it was neither a present or joy
    I do all of this, Cause four days ago, another life was taken
    Slim Dunkin took one to the chest, Another families heart is break'n
    I ain't condoning their lives, but how easy is one to take
    We take for granted what we have, please listen, for gods sake

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    very heartfelt & good rhyming! well done mate

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    Great lyricism, do you have any links to your music?

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    do you have a youtube channel or something with your music ?

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    Hey wotsup, thnx for the replies...i actually forgot about this...damn was nice reading back on that. Nah no links, Youtube got taken down, had some audio's of freestyles n a couple writtens but $$$$ was taken off. Trying to work on something currently. Again thanks for checking it out.

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