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Thread: Looking for unsigned artists to feature...

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    Looking for unsigned artists to feature...

    Lyric Lounge Review is looking for new and unsigned artists to feature on the site alongside big names such as Motorhead, Motley Crue, Black Sabbath, The Darkness, Shed Seven, Frank Turner....

    If you are interested, hop over to Lyric Lounge Review.


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    got any other info on this?

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    Well, in the new year we hope to open a new section on the website to concentrate on new and unsigned artists. We generally focus on indie, alternative, rock and metal but that doesn't mean we won't consider anything outside this.

    Any band will need to submit a demo either via myspace or email (or any way really) and a brief band biog.

    We will then pick the best of what's submitted to feature on the site for anywhere between 1 week (min) and 4 weeks (max)

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