Spencer Kane, a 15 year old singer from Kendallville, Indiana, is acquiring a rapid fan base in the U.S. and overseas. His latest release, "Knowing" (Nov 21, 2011), is rising the charts of many indie sites and received over a 1,000 views of the official music video on his Youtube channel (SpencerKaneMusic's Channel - YouTube) in just a few days after its release. A follow up to his hit debut single, "Best Friends", this new song is a lot more edgy and reveals a maturing vocal performance and amazing instrumentation and production.

Spencer is a student-athlete with a passion for music. His commitment to purity before marriage has created strong peer pressure and ridicule, but his music reflects his message of just having fun and staying away from unnecessary drama.

"Knowing" features Midwest rapper, Street Scholar, which is his second guest appearance in Spencer's music and videos.

Spencer performs at various venues in Northeast Indiana, but is more focused on producing his original songs at Sweetwater Studios in Fort Wayne.

As an unsigned artist, Spencer hopes to find the right label to help produce, promote, and distribute his music.

Website: Spencer Kane Music - Home
Music: http://www.spencerkanemusic.com/knowing128.mp3