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Thread: Is the genre 'dance' used too loosely these days???

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    Is the genre 'dance' used too loosely these days???

    I think it is, it seems so many people nowadays label anything that's popular in the charts and isn't a slow ballad as 'dance' even if it isn't real dance music.

    For instance, there are pirate music channels on Sky TV, Dance Nation and Clubland, and they play many Top 40 artists that are nothing to do with dance or club music - Pixie Lott, The Saturdays, JLS etc etc. They do not sound at all like pirates nor specific to dance music, they could just as easily be MTV or any other channel. Even when they DO play actual dance music, it's the most commercial predictable dance e.g Example, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Pitbull. Being pirates, you'd think they'd play more like what pirate radio play.

    Then there's Kiss 100 radio, where on the screen (DAB) it says "The Very Best Dance, Hip-Hop and R&B". While most of what they play DOES fall under these categories, it seems that whoever picks their music somehow thinks tracks like All About Tonight, Heart Skips A Beat, Moves Like Jagger, Last Friday Night and even Rolling In The Deep are dance, hip-hop or R&B songs - clearly they're having a laugh!!!!!

    Even when nightclubs claim to play house, dubstep, R&B etc etc, they usually just play the most commercial, predictable tracks of these genres.

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    I was watching an old top of the pops and Oceanic's Insanity came on. Now that was a song!!!

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    And what does that have to do with the original post?

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    not always the case. most people prefer to hear the familiar music, and owners of large clubs know this, and play popular, well-known songs. But there's underground clubs, where you can hear something new and unknown to anyone

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    Well soon, most of the UK's nightclubs are going to be rebranded 'Heart' and will play 'Club Classics' (i.e old 90s/00s dance tracks).

    I think nightclubs would be even more commercial still if it weren't for the fact that they were licensed to play certain genres of music (e.g house, R&B) by OFCOM. For instance, when nightclubs now play mainstream stuff (which by the way, is a 'transition' from underground leading up to the heart rebrand) they can't play mainstream tracks that don't come under a dance/urban genre (e.g All About Tonight - Pixie Lott).

    Club Classics on Heart FM used to mostly play 70s/80s disco music, but they have recently had to change the style of this show to meet the said restrictions of the nightclubs they are about to take over.

    And if it weren't for OFCOM restrictions, the mainsteam 'pre-Heart transition' music we're hearing in clubs now would probably include pop artists such as Pixie Lott as well as just mainstream dance/R&B, and the new Heart nightclubs would be playing 70s/80s disco music (as would Club Classics on Heart).

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