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Thread: Radio presenter looking for UK independent music for airplay

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    Radio presenter looking for UK independent music for airplay


    I'm Kate and I do a radio show called 'Kate's Sunshinecast' on Gas house Radio in Philadelphia (I'm their 'man in the UK').

    You can find 'Kate's Sunshinecast' and Gas house Radio (omit the space between gas and house - the forum filter here won't let me type the station name without the gap) on Facebook.

    New music is my crack.
    I love good music of all genres, but Im only really interested in original/ new music covers bands are fine for weddings and parties, theyre just not my cuppa tea (Zzzz). You can join me for 2 hours of the best independent & unsigned music from the UK and around the world. Each hour has its own theme (except when we have studio guests playing live, acoustic sets) resulting in a unique show every week. This show airs on Gas house Radio on Tuesdays at 1-3pm Philadelphia Time (6-8pm UK time) Live, and repeats on Saturdays at the same time.

    I'm always looking for more music to play, so if you're in a band or know someone who is, and you think the music deserves airplay, please get in touch. I'm also always keen to welcome new listeners, especially people who can put me onto the best new bands. Do please come and join the chat room during the show.

    Love and sunshine!

    I can't give you my email addy or a link to the station website just yet, because I haven't made 25 posts yet. Best get busy then, huh?
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    PS: Could some kind soul tell me how to change my avatar picture please? Thanks. x

    *Edit* Not to worry - I figured it out. Thanks anyway

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    im helping to promote a local band over here called Jeramiah Ferrari

    A reggae/roots/calypso 4 piece from Manchester. Over the last two years they have been gigging insatiably building up a fan base and getting their EP out there.. Headlining a local festival and regular spots at pubs clubs and supporting has given them a stage presence to remember. Fusing their original material alongside reggae classics form the likes of bob marley, desmond dekker, the specials etc is a guarantee to get the crowd on their feet. Ive never been to one of there gigs i hadnt come away from having enjoyed the night from their sunday service gigs for under 14's at a local pub to slots in local music festivals they always deliver.

    They have 2 free mp3 downloads on their Youtube channel and this is a recent acoustic recording live on the streets of manchester

    youtube .com / watch?v=KVhxzjXs4B0 (just take out the spaces, my post count isnt high enough yet for links)

    If you could give these guys some regular airplay it would be fantastic... Let us know your listener figures as well so I can feedback to the band and if you can et them some regular features it would be a great boost

    If you're interested in some more bands from varied genres we have a diverse music scene in my area and im looking to promote a few acts. let me knwo what kind of airtime you can spare and illl get you someone to fill it (jessica's Ghost and THe Lottery Winners Spring to mind)


    Pied Piper
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    hey kate,

    Im also working with another couple of local bands,

    one is more metal based and called Beyond Recognition... Theyre literally jsut finishing recording their EP at the moment and IM awaiting a copy of it... Again any airplay with you would be appreciated...

    Cale Lane is another, theyve literally jsut had their first gig but there all very talented muscians and im excited to hear the stuff they are recoridng at the moment... Again can forward this on once it drops. If you check out my FB page i regualrly post new upcoming music and free Downloads EP's etc which might be of interest,, im happy to cross promote your station alongside any band promo that im doing if we can arrange regular slots (obviously calculating time differences so I can let UK people know when to tune in)... the page and promo project literally only just started a week ago, so working with you would give us both some great exposure to a wider and differnt audience

    feel free to drop me a PM to discuss some details

    Pied Piper

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    I've just stumbled upon this new band from the UK, they are Jubilee Courts been around for about a year now, playing gigs around the UK. It's hard to describe who they sound like as I'd say its quite unique but you should take a look..

    They are on Facebook, SoundCloud, Youtube, Twitter etc. (I cannot post links yet either..),

    I'm always keeping an eye out for any more bands on the rise,

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    I would love to send you my music for airplay. All original written by myself.

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    Hi sunshinecast. PM and will hook you up some tunes.

    Or type Cedrics Sevens in on google to link you to soundcloud download via facebook, youtube etc!!!


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