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Thread: Best Song + Funniest Video

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    Best Song + Funniest Video

    Came across this, friend emailed it to me.
    Can't help but share it. Such a good song, plus the video has me ROFL in stitches haha.
    Artist is called Andy Duerden, new name to me but want to hear more.

    Hah, I'd say this should be Halifax's new advert. What do you guys think?

    Love it when there's a good song with an entertaining video + the whole anti Halifax and play on words is priceless Ha Ha.

    Judge for yourself :

    YouTube - X Marks the Spot by Andy Duerden

    You like?

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    Loves great adventure

    I've always liked Ultravox's Loves Great Adventure. Very out of the supposed character they had as a serious band. Video at

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    ok-go Here it goes again

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    Anything by Ok Go now that you mention it. This Too Shall Pass in particular has two very good videos to two different versions of the song.

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    all the ok go vids are awesome

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