Hi all!
I offer you to participate in the poll following the results of which it depends to a great extent whether the described internet resource for lovers of music, cinema and games of any type will be created or not.
Sorry for writing a lot here. But I hope you will cope with it.

There is a lot of information. It has always been a problem for me! It is difficult to read all the news about my favorite music groups, their specific releases, filmmakers which are interesting to, as well as their projects, some of the computer games, new versions of software people need. I think there are two methods of solving this problem:
А) Read several topical news web-sites every day;
B) Make a list of interesting filmmakers and musicians and – again! – Every day look through topics dedicated to them on a topical forum.
In both cases people waste too much time. One has to digest a lot of unnecessary information. That is of course if you, just like me, are not on a specific forum all day long.
So, when I started thinking about how I can settle this problem, this is what I found. There are several internet services in the field of music which make it possible to select groups which I like or specific releases and receive e-mail notifications. This makes a music fan’s life considerably easier. But it is still far from being ideal, because all albums leak to the net before they have been released. Now all albums leak to the net one week before their release. And – what is more – I have not found similar services in the fields of cinema, games, software and books.

So this is what I have found.
Let us imagine a website on which there is ALL news related to ALL objects of cultural and entertainment topics. An “object” is the key term of the project. Genres and types, releases, associations, specific performers – anything – will be understood as “objects”.
However, it is not just a new news website. These are its 10 key advantages, or strong points:
1. The goal of the project is to publish maximal amount of news and as soon as possible. Editors hired for that purpose will work on it. Enthusiastic users will join and, I hope, replace them later.
2. Each piece of news is as short as possible. It’s concise, for instance: “A new single… of the group… was released”, “A new album … by musician… has been completed”, “A trailer of the movie …. has been released”, “… will star in the film….”, “A leakage of the single … by girl singer …”, “A version ….of the program… has been released” etc. With that, all the news will be represented as a neat list. A link to the source will be attached to each piece of news.
3. You may filter and sort the news feed as you wish. For instance, you enter names of musicians which you are interested in (or the site scans the folder “Music” of your hard disc) and you see news related only to those people. Or you enter types of news which you want to see, for instance, “release of the album” and you will see the list of all music albums released or to be released. You may indicate the genre, a specific period, anything at all. If you want to learn which films have appeared on the Blu-Ray disks over the last month – here you are! If you want to see which other films are going to appear within the nearest month – just one mouse-click and it is ready! Absolutely any parameter can be set!
4. You may keep the news feed so that next time you don’t do all the settings again. You may keep more than one news feed. And open them with one click. Besides, you may share the news feed so that everyone has access to it: your friends will know what is interesting to you.
5. You can receive notifications about news in your newsline to your e-mail or as an rss-channel.
6. As I have already said you may add news to the site. However, if you are a newcomer, moderation of your news is obligatory to make sure there is no spam.
7. The site contains preferences for each user. This allows the following:
A) Find new friends with similar hobbies and tastes;
B) Receive recommendations as to objects that you may like.
8. You may use the service via an application for your iPhone, iPad or Android.
9. There is a link to a wiki-similar encyclopedia on the site. This means you may receive or add, at your disposal, information on any object.
10. The web-site will be absolutely legal. Links to “pirate” content are prohibited. However, there will be such news as “A leakage of the album “…” It is not against the law. There will be no links.

If you haven’t got the idea, please ask questions. I will be glad to answer. The site has not been created yet. I do not guarantee that it will appear in the nearest future. However, your opinion really matters. Chances are that it will happen. If it seems important and interesting to you please tell your friends about this poll. Ask them to express their opinions. It is important for me to know whether such a web-site would be popular.