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Thread: Call out!!!!

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    Call out!!!!

    spit ur game if you want a battle 1v1 here right now

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    who's this kid claiming for a game,spit one bar' two bar' put you to shame,
    and your bars are sh*t and your flow is lame,i could go in hard and come out rage,
    but your bars are weak so i start to maintain.

    if you wanna battle lay your bars down,ill get no rep but ill murk this clown,
    lyrically and physically you'll get riped up,no doubt' one punch then the sneaky headbut,
    thorw with the right then the left hook, two punch combo to leave your body shook,
    now comeback to that you will get torn up.....

    nothing big, just a few bars.

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    lool spit ya game and u write bars like that.
    i say u sign out. and give your self a b1-tch slap.
    i come arder than that.
    u come with urr little bars while i come with my ruck sack
    mus take me for a $$$$hed "fck dat"
    comin on this thread thinkin ur hard.
    but ill get ur ass don wid .swiped up like a oyester card.
    talkin about how your gonna punch me up
    but why cant u do that in your punchline
    am about to get u pissed like a fatboy at the back of a lunch.line
    i spitten faster than seconds.cuz i done time.
    but ur still tryin to find out what is a rhyme.
    cmon dumb f-ck i said spit your game,
    when am done with u. u betta change ur name.
    cuz il put u to disgrace.and have ur lines feelin the pain.
    lucky i didnt kno u in real otherwise i would have smacked ur face.
    and you must realy be thick to try talk about my flow.
    cuz it comes betta than when ur bangin boyz in the cell. u little Man-hoe.
    dont play around wid me i get u slumped and dumped like ur macro.
    one wud go threw ur hed to ur longs finaly to ur back bone.
    your bars are like nursery they need the hormone.
    have ur punck azz gettin smacked left with a CO-CO.

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