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Thread: Five for one

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    Five for one

    i am offering you 5 songs for one fee.
    how this works? i write or compose 5 songs for you and you keep 80% of the rights to the song for just $1500.00 or i compose and write 5 songs for you for $2000.00 you keeping 60% of the rights to the songs. you will be receiving.
    (1) lyrics
    (2) instrumentals
    (3) demo recording of the songs and melody
    (4) contract agreement

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    Thanks for sahring the post

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    thanks ,hope that you have a good deal !
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    what is so funny about my deal is it a joke? do you really think it's a joke.
    well one day you would remember my name when you see it or see me and know that the joke was on you.
    it's amazing how good things past people by so easy.

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