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Thread: What should I be listening to?

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    Apr 2012
    Pale fires

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    Dubstep,Coldplay, fatboy slim.

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    If you could take a listen to my music. You can find me under the name of Paul Jam Belfast in google. Let us know what you think.

    Enjoy your day


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    If you fancy something a little different why not try some Japanese Ska.

    Search youtube for Oi skall Mates Sadness

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    Apr 2012
    Search for "Matte Johansson" on YouTube cool guitar music

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    May 2012
    Wow there is more music now than ever...

    Umm, how about you start at a song you like on youtube and keep hitting the related links till you find a new favorite band?

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    Blues always the Blues.... BB King, early Fleetwood Mac, Faces, Yardbirds ...

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    TRIBES or Spiders

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    So much to choose from. Too much!!

    As far as what you SHOULD be listening to, that's the beauty of music! You go with whatever you feels right to you.

    I suggest you check out this band called Virgin Soldiers. New and unsigned but making some interesting sounds. Search them on google it's the top one.

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    Music is every thing for me and I can't live without it, Personally I like Rock type of music because When I listen this type of music in my iPhone than I feel energetic.

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    Anything top 40

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    Gravediggaz - 6 ft. deep

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    Arliss Nancy,Drive By Truckers,Uncle Tupelo,Lucero,Two Cow Garage,Giant Sand & finally Richard Buckner.
    Those are only a few the list goes on forever though.
    there's another place to try:

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    if you like uk hiphop, check LEFTON MALIK on youtube

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    Ato Alexander on ADN SPOTLIGHT

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    Ashley David

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    Nathan Lambert

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    Tommy Eye

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