Hi, Everyone!

The following post is to announce a new YouTube program called The WMRO Show.

It's hosted by Sub-One from Butterfly Toungz and primarily showcases local and underground music videos from Midwest artists and all over.

Its also based right here in Indy. Normal running time for the program is between 10-15 minutes and its open to all music genres.

So if you have a few minutes to spare, its a great chance to acquaint yourself with emerging underground artists and their music.

The second episode of The WMRO Show is available now to view at the following link:

It features new music from Shawn Lov, joe DOE & Creatures of Habit.

If you like the show, please send others the link to the WMRO channel: ‪Kanaal van djWMRO‬‏ - YouTube -OR- ask them to search wmro on YouTube.


-DJ Grand