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Thread: How do you see musical genres?

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    How do you see musical genres?

    Here's how I see some of them:

    Metal: I see metal as putting more importance on playing fast than having meaning. Guys who favor looking "hard" and "satanic" put fashion above message.

    Pop: Corporate swill. Mindless music for mindless people who are okay being told what to like.

    Electronic Music: Beeps and Bops. Computer music with no emotion and heart.

    Punk: Rapid music with a message that is easy to break into, but easy to mistake pop for.

    Rap: Music with a message that is easy to break into, but easy to mistake pop for.

    Indie: Trying to do a lot with a little and failing 90% of the time. Anyone with a recorder and a guitar can label themselves Indie, and all it does it hurt the genre as a whole. There's a lot of crap you have to search through to find the good stuff.

    Classical: Old music to fall asleep to or use royalty free in the background of a PBS special.

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    you're very close-minded

    although metal is not my cup of tea, i don't bash on it because i know there are metal artists who pour their music out maybe even more than whatever it is you listen to (cuz its not specified)

    i'm personally a huge pop music fan and i dont think of myself as "mindless" and i sure as hell dont let people dictate what i like. Pop music isn't a genre, "pop" is short for "popular" which is a category rather than a genre because pop radio can be dance, electronic, rap, r&b, metal even. people use the term "pop music" to describe the mainstream music that doesn't use instruments for the most part and takes its sounds from dance, electronica, and dubstep nowadays. although because of the singer you may be biased to believe the song has no meaning, it means SOMETHING to SOMEONE and although the lyrics might not reveal why, the song could be about a very special moment in the writer's life.

    a lot of people forget that music is supposed to be FUN. sure, some "indie" (it's not a genre, its a category as well and it is short for "independant" so any genre could be considered indie as long as they are not signed to a label) artists may make more openly emotional songs and they may be great but that doesnt mean that theyre better or worse than anything on top 40 radio. who's to say "superbass" is more meaningful than "meet me at the equinox"? music means different things to different people and i think (i dont mean to be gender-sterotypical) that "indie" fans that listen to only "indie" music tend to get smug believeing that only the things they listen to are the only things worth listening to. music is music and if it makes you feel good, makes you feel understood, makes you wanna dance, makes you wanna cry; it doesnt matter all that matters is you like it and you should respect people who listen to things of other genres.

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    I don't think its so simple to put music into boxes. There's always something that won't fit into your little box. Think outside of the box, in fact tear it up.

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    I like the country style of music, each of which may be related to the different backgrounds of life it

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    i like only rock music

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    Right, I actually can't stand pompus music "fans" constantly attacking 'Pop Music'. Pop music isn't meant to be deep and metaphorical - it's just escapism - 3 minutes of catchy, upbeat non-reality.

    And last time I checked, nobody told me to listen to Katy Perry's new single. Hey, it might not be a piece of genius, but i like it?

    It really bugs me when so many self proclaimed 'music critiques' try and deconstruct pop like any other genre. It's like reviewing a $$$$in sausage roll, its good - nobody cares what went into it.

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    genres are relative.

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    I don't always feel the need to define!! You can't say all pop is for mindless people. If I like it, I like it, be it pop, rock or country.

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    Theres good and bad music in all genres including Pop, The problem I feel with todays 'Pop' Music is its lack of creativity, The Charts are awash with fake R&B auto tuned puppets in fact I find it incredible that people still use the term Rhythm & Blues for what I see as over produced plastic wannabes. The Charts used to be full of such diverse styles from punk, mod, rockabilly, heavy metal, hip hop, soul, funk, ska, new wave, electronic and even jazz and classical made an apperance. IMO mainstream music has became like everything else in life these days....disposable, The music industry arn't interested in investing in Artists the same way they used too, they arnt interested in building 'great' acts anymore, The days of the Super Group/Artist are long gone, with the likes of Stock Aitken & Waterman in the 80s to the Simon Cowells of the 90's/2000's we have been on a slippery slope downwards in quality Pop music. Of course there are exceptions to the rule. As for the other Genres (as the op put it)Metal...there are so many forms from early 70s pioneers like Hawkwind to the Nu Metal groups of today and those comments are purely ignorant of such music, Electronic....Again theres so many forms of Electronic music, to say there was no emotion or heart put into the likes of kraftwerk, depech mode or the many electro and house artists is just wrong although with the latest modern computers I could possibly agree with you to a point, Punk....I dont know what Punk you listen to, try The Buzz$$$$s, Ramones, The Damned etc, Rap.... I agree on this one because so called 'Rap' Artists are as far away from 'Hip Hop' as the likes of Mcfly, Rap is Pop, Hip Hop is not, This can be traced back to 1979 where The Sugarhill Gang released Rappers Delight, This was a group put together by SugarHill Records to cash in on the ever growing Hip Hop scene on the street, they were known as Rappers and not emcees (the preferred term within the Hip Hop community) Indie.... There is rubbish Indie Music as well as Great Indie Music the same with every other sort of music, the point is to look for the good stuff, Most people that call themselves Indie fans what an alternative to the mainstream, thats all. Classical....I wonder just how much Classical Music you have actually listened to? Classical is one of the oldest forms of Popular Music, its as strong today as it ever was. Now what I would like to know is what sort of music do you listen too and what draws you to it?

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    i like only rock songs

    Long Island DJ | NYC DJ

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    Yeah, that's a rather negative description on genres. So what genre do you like?

    For me it's

    Classical - the ultimate. Nothing compares, it carries all modern music on its back

    Pop - I agree that there is a lot of commercial crap out there nowadays, but there is also a lot of good music and always has been in pop

    Electro - difficult one, I like some electro stuff, but hate melody-less thumping to blow people's ears's like everyone is dancing to an elevated heart beat without actually any melody...maybe that is the appeal

    HipHop - don't listen to it, and find it boring most of the time, but I like melodic stuff like Outkast, wouldn't call it hiphop though

    I could go on, but genres are a funny thing, they can be so blurred nowadays, and I think that is a good thing.

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    commercial crap?

    Well.... in regards to POP....check THIS girl out....Becca Fox is a commercial pop artist... but she actually writes her own songs! and they are really good. her first single is 'Dangerous' and its on itunes, youtube and spotify. check it out!

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    wheres the rest of music? there seems to only be 7 kinds now lmao

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    this is actually amazing to read, everyone should!

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    it is strange !
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    i think you shouldn't worry so much about this! does everything have to fit into a box!

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    I think it's just a 'sound' personally, no one genre has to hold and set of peramiters of any meaning. That's when it all gets too snobish and the only person you're snubbing is your self if you don't listen to other genres because of, sa,y what your friends may think. I think it's pretty evident on first listen where you'd place your average artist and as long as you like it, who really cares what genre it is?

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    everything is becoming one, hip hop will be merging with electronica soon

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    I see any type of categorization of artistic work a way in which people like us can argue over the relative merits of one style over another. at the end of the day no-one has anymore authority over anyone else about what is the best type of music - but of course, we will all try to some degree

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    I always like to listen some best music and also its background music is very different to other music. I always compare some music and voice of the sound it is ry im portant to make some best music of the related songs. I always prefer some rock songs r listening the music.

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    Music doesn't always have to be categorized, just put your headphones in and jam to whatever you feel

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