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Thread: Karl "Tuff Enuff" Brown on Choice 107.1 FM

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    Karl "Tuff Enuff" Brown on Choice 107.1 FM

    Sent on Behalf of Karl "Tuff Enuff" Brown and Too Hard Entertainment.

    This Saturday 8th March catch Karl "Tuff Enuff" Brown on Choice 107.1 FM
    guesting for steve jackson between the hours of 3-6 PM.

    Playing the very best in Old Skool UK Garage, US Garage grooves, including
    material from :
    Smack productions, Booker T, MK, MAW, Grant Nelson not forgetting the
    quality tracks produced by MJ Cole, Todd Edwards and Un-released Tuff Jam.
    Also you may get to hear some exclusive forthcoming material from Karl's
    record label 2TUF-4U Records


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    Could this be signs of a regular type thing for Mr. Brown?

    Please tell me it is

    and then stream it.

    I'll be your new best friend!

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    Gonna be Sick

    cant wait

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    Originally posted by London Jam
    Gonna be Sick

    cant wait
    Init! During the day on saturday is always so boring for me. well at least i have something decent to listen to while im washing the car!

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    Dammn i gonna miss this due to doing the regluar bloody shopping run i do with my mum every Saturday

    Might have to get a blank and tape this

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