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Thread: Guess who's back..... LADY LIBRA!!!!

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    ^^^ missc are you buff or something coz it seems like every man on this forum wants to get in your bed....

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    shes standard.

    i wouldnt say no.

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    I heard sumthin bout Libra and sum modellin foto's?? Is dere sum modellin pics???

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    lol, i mean...are there

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    yeah look on her faceparty link...

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    these are no modeling pics.... at least I don't hope so *lol*

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    look devante - just coz your from switzerland and all the ladys are buff, if doesnt give you the right to come on here and take the piss out of our fine englsh girls.

    war nur ein spass...

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    ...well your girls ain't dat bad...

    jenny frost would get it....

    und wie...
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    OK..........i've seen the Modelling fotos.....,! Who do u model 4? Do u do bare foto shoots? Ever thought bout glamour modelling???

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    Dis is easily da best one.............Big up all da peeps dat made this possible
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails ladylibra_1399499.jpg  
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    lol @ missc..... u know that


    Oi Sov y u putting me down.. maybe coz im doin a bit better than u....

    I would never come on here n say da $$$$ u just said.. no need!

    Jealously i think

    OH I just checked my faceparty its mistake.... i am Libra.. clicked wrong thingy! Dunno how!


    I changed loads... Just aint had time to put new ones up

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    I had one of those photo shoots done when I was 14. You pay for them and you get a portfolio book thing to take home. They don't pay you to have them done, so strictly speakings its not modelling. But thats just mine.
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    lol libra u contradicted urself girl

    "Oi Sov y u putting me down.. maybe coz im doin a bit better than u.... "

    You have just done the same as you criticise others of doing, putting people down. I don't get a lot of you girls do u have brains?

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    p.s sly-k i'd bone me

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    lol! DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! Libra's gettin slewed straight! lol... as 4 Sov Vs Libra.. well i reckon lady libra would kick the shizznit out of sov any day! lol SOVS TINY!!!!! however sov would probs bring her crew down 4 libra afterwards! lol

    no offense sov!

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    on the mic sov would BANG libra.. but in a fight sov girl you better bring a gat or a crew. coz libra is one big $$$$$ lol

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    yeh u dun kno oli! i dnt think libra cud deal wid da tongue twistin ting... singin is a different matter however!!! LOL!!!! NOT STARTIN BEEF SOV!!!! ;-)

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    Originally posted by missc
    p.s sly-k i'd bone me
    well put up a pic coz I wanna c if I would aswell...

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    Omg... here what yeah I WASNT EVEN $$$$ING DISSING THE GIRL... did you hear me say oh your $$$$ or anything like that.. I just made a comment about her tune, i didnt say it was rubbish.. maybe I dont like it because it aint my sort of thing.
    And how is saying that your management aint all that dissing you??? Its just my opinion. I aint even had one record out yet and I probs havent done half the amount of clubs you have but I garentee you this now my name is alot bigger than yours... again I aint dissing you or being bighead Im just saying.
    Another thing? how the hell am I jealous of you... thats such an old one now, " Oh your jealous of me coz I got a record out" Do I actually care? Guess what.... NO!!

    Oh yeah and why yout lot trying to start a brawl for? LOL Jokers.... Dont think Libra would buss me up.. I may be small but Ive $$$$ed up a few people in the past so dont underestimate. Size dont mea anything.

    Safe. Again Libra I dont see in anyway I was dissing you... so hold it down yeah? Safe!

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