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Thread: coolest pop music videos!

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    coolest pop music videos!

    Hi there!

    So I want to add some cool videos to my library so I thought I'd start this thread to see whta's everyone's favorite pop music video so I can check it out...

    My video of the day is "In a coma" by a dude from Brighton, it's a funny video + that actor Ralph Brown is in it as well and he's cool...

    any other suggestions?


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    i really like the fatboy slim track with chris walken grooving - cant remember what it is called tho

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    Hahah I remember that Christopher Walken video, he started flying out of nowhere :O

    I do believe that Kanye and the general consensus believe that Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time...

    In all honesty I don't know, for some reason the first 2 that popped into my head where Virtual Insanity and Boiler (Limp Bizkit), but I don't think they're so great.. Just what came to me.

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    There are many videos available for pop music and I also try to watch this type of all the videos. I like to share some best video and also Iike to watch some pop music video for the related voice. You have to manage the best songs for the different videos.

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    Search Shelby's Elbows Christmas on YouTube - now that's a very special video, the production will blow your mind!

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    Here you go - I promise, it's classic!

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    Stupid Vodaphone advert blocking the vid...

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