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Thread: Middle Age's Based Movies ?

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    Middle Age's Based Movies ?

    anyone know any good middeaged based movies, like about knights and stuff like that, like how lord of the rings was based back in the day, or robin hood etc etc i prefer movies from 1990-present, but up for anything if its good, so far i got
    robin hood (newest and costner one)
    king arthur (and the connery based one)

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    Arthur King (2004) is really good, a classic british made movie

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    if you want to watch a amazing movie for your choice then download Drive Angry 3D IN this movie love of a father has shown for his daughter

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    Well i am also in the favor of Arthur King (2004) because this movie i have seen so much times and i really enjoy it with my Friends in the biggest Screen of Cinemas and the Especially thing which i like in the movie is UK Fashion Tips were available so therefore i like it so much because i am the Big Fan of Fashion collection .

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