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Thread: Hey Guys, I've uploaded 3 of my latest songs, they are dubstep electronica, ;0

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    Hey Guys, I've uploaded 3 of my latest songs, they are dubstep electronica, ;0

    All my latest songs have just been uploaded to sound cloud. Just click the link below and press play to hear them
    Its modern dubstep, so quite cutting edge, Enjoy!

    I/O Mac's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

    Record producer Ben Frost born in Brazil and UK resident has been creating music since the age of 13. His early collaborations featured live sets that were crafted using guitar pro. He grew up in rural rutland and first wrote songs with Michael Andrews, a Mathematician, most works were never finished after his hard disk broke in 2006. The band, ‘Belladonna’ later split up as the members(Tom Longworth, Ed ‘Rufio lost’ hoare, Ben Jeffes and bassist, Andy Wilson went their seperate ways. Their most popular works included, ‘Down by the lake’, ‘Dreaming For Insomnia’ and ‘Pass Away’. Ben still performs some of his earliest music at his acoustic performances, which have been held across the UK, including a set at Riverside Festival, Stamford.

    After ‘Belladonna’s break up, Ben worked on a short side project, in his home studio. He works with a range of genres from acoustic, live performances to industrial rock and Dubstep. He works closely with James Whyman (Hot Flux) and produces his music using logic.

    He has recently been working alongside Tom Longworth (Ex. Belladonna, mixed Wiley, roll deep etc) at Parr Street Studios, Liverpool.
    Official sites include:

    Music | I/OMac - Dubstep

    Hot Flux | Home

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    Nice listen thanks for the headsup ; )

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    I couldn't access the tracks - I got this message:

    "Yikes, we were unableto process your request in time. Please reload the page or try again in a moment"

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