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Thread: I love this show!

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    I love this show!

    Remembering Emmy, in drama "lost" won best supporting actor John terry - Mr Quinn uselessly CuYi of sitting in opposite "desperate housewives" line actor said: "when we in tropical rainforest swamp takes each other, I wonder if you can wisteria street, leisurely sitting tea, holding our high salaries than what it would be like." Although it is a teaser, but fetching also thinking. "Desperate housewives" the continuing success of what exactly is the secret?
    First, ABC's influence and power is indispensable. From several hits the ABC TV can see, ABC themselves TV style localization for suspense drama + romantic love + witty dialogue + huamei props. Such positioning, makes television itself has fixed faithful audience; Secondly, the desperate housewives "the advantage of oneself. In addition to the first point of the listed those style localization outside, I feel more important is that it can keep in the four seasons in a horizontal line, and to make the audience wants to stop butcannot, faithful waiting.
    Sons of anarchy Season dvd
    In Treatment Season dvd
    Broadwalk Empire Season dvd
    true blood dvd
    Dexter Season dvd

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    Lost is d only Tv show that i watch on Tv...It's really an gud TV show ,i must say........

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    Must be a good show but I have never watch it out.

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    i got so far then stopped at the hatch!! ive got it on dvd away to watch !

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    Dexter is my favorite show

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    Simpsons. oh and House.

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    maybe worthy of watching !

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    Oh good work, I like to watch some of TV true Blood.

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    Only show which i like most is the Dexter

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    it seems amazing...but i've also not watched it yet...

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    I have watched it this is amazing..

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