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Thread: New Music

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    Mostly I like melody and dynamics songs.
    Lots of time listen by me that type of songs.

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    Hi, SweetNews on Facebook are pretty hot at the mo.

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    I was at a gig recently in London and came across this new band called 'Paper Boats' - They were quite timid and shy but when they played they came out with this awesome 80's style pop music, really quite blown away by them, if you're into bands that sound like the late 1980's then you should definitely check them out! You can find them on x

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    Heres some new music for you guys.

    (Nigiri Express - Futures EP) now released.

    Debut EP now available on all your usual download sites. Check it out and let us know what you think. It's also available to listen to on youtube.


    Rob (Nigiri Express)

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    Listening to Anton Alvarez's spine tingling vocals. You can check him out and get “Believe In Me” – the single from new album "100% Heart"-for FREE!

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    Jul 2012
    Have a soft spot for romantic music? Get the song “Believe In Me” for FREE – the single from Anton Alvarez new album "100% Heart".

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    The Bellmen

    they are the next huge band.

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    Check out my latest dance/electronic single "Something About You" and grab an EP of remixes on iTunes!

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    Have you heard of this new kid Jay Carteré? Definitely one to watch out for, he just released a free mixtape available for download on my website JCMpire (Dot) Com

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    Check out: Hey Bro and Ma Oh

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    heres some new music, loving this song:

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    wow that booty luv song is really good!

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    Foxes, Littlemix, Booty Luv, Olly Murs?

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    There's a great local band around here beginning to make some waves called The Gravity Drive - check them out. They're fronted by a mate of mine who used to be solely a singer/songwriter but is now making more pop/electronica inspired sounds - worth a listen for sure. They've been played on many local BBC stations and on 6 music.

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    Hi guys take some time and listen to Authentic Bros if you get chance

    Welcome to a new episode from the world of Authentic Bros. This is Babak & Reza presenting a four track EP titled ‘Tell Me’; packaged with a vibrant artwork and a vintage yet modern lead single video. The sound and style presented within this staggering EP, begins with a soft combination of synths and acoustics delivering a heartfelt catchy lead song Tell Me. The listener will then be taken by a tide with a punchy Gravitational Force painted with aggressive beats and a vigorous fluid vocal delivery layered on top of orbiting melodies. In This Life is a complete inversion of sound yet the same Authentic Bros philosophising on nature vs nurture and human universality, all wrapped in a conceptual critical perspective, exhibited in a classic piano driven heavy weight cinematic soundscape. Finally the EP ends with Isolated Tell Me Mix which is completely set apart in comparison to the previous songs and what Authentic Bros are known for. The Isolated Mix begins with a microscopic epic depth of twinkling synths building to a heavy high tempo driven drop manipulating the original Tell Me melodies and developing a new algorithmic wave of audio, hand in hand with an artistic music video to be released in time with the EP.

    Tell Me is a stepping stone towards their long anticipated first studio album which is set to be released in the fall of 2012. The duo has come a long way to building a large following that is growing on a daily basis. Developing their art form in a consistent yet exponential manner, to uphold their motif of a new vision and a new sonic journey.



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    Something for Christmas ;-)

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    Try Amy Winehouse!

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    Hi, Jenny!
    If you are interested in different styles of music check on google in general or on Soundcloud more specific an artist named Domenico Sigalas. I think you will love his music!

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    Synth POP

    This band may not be your average pop act but if you're into your synthpop and 80s music you will love this DUO!

    I'm in love with 'Plnety Of Time' and 'Karmageddon'

    Check out the soundcloud if this appeals to you!

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    Clare Dove- Forgot how to love

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