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Thread: Cool new bands for 2011

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    I stick with the old ones...

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    Feb 2012
    Check out Ursa Major . We are touring next month, if u like, come along

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    m listening to THE CHAGRINS, their indiepop is too cool

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    Feb 2012
    Facebook / ursamajoruk. Job done

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    Moral Compass from South Wales!

    and ive been listening to alot of Vinyl Jacket lately

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    Has anyone heard of these? Genuinely very very good.. with a new ep out soon.. the previews on soundcloud sound brilliant.

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    Hey I am new to the forum but I know of a great new American band named Members Only. They are about to release their first EP "Talk To Me" on March 25th. You can listen at membersonly.bandcamp. com. Hope you enjoy!

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    Love the band DAMN DICE! New London Based Hair metal band x

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    The Draymin are another quality band, fusing rock with folk , pop and dance - brilliant band been out and about for past few years but this year they will make thier mark

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    Try Mrs. Ingram, we are totally free lance right now. But who knows, you cold be the one that will discover us!

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