In my previous post I was discussing the coined phrase "Hip Hop is Dead" this will be a multi post series dedicated to the rise and fall of hip hop. Hip hip's birth was in the streets of NY in the early 80's which started with battle rap, and battle crews b boy's and b girls. The illiest MC was the one who could draw crowds on a street corner going at the other guy with vicious flows that received approval from the crowd of on lookers. In a way this lyrical competition is constant today but the audience is much larger. Rappers continue to attract the attention of loads of people when a beef ignites between two star MC's . The most recent and popular one to date was Kayne West and 50 cents competition on who would sell more records during the first week of sales. This was a competition derrived at the idea of drawing fans into purchasing the albums by creating a beef which was strictly a promotional tool. Back when HIP HOPS beef and competition was on the corner or on the sidewalk of a busy street betwwen two MC's there was no sales at stake just the rep or your name. The idea that Hip Hop is Dead derrives from the fact that rap music is now fully commercialized. While as in the early 80's you had people spitting for the pure joy of the flow and the goal of building a name for themselves.

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