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Thread: Why only 3 genre subforum here?

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    Why only 3 genre subforum here?

    As I know,genre of music including rock,punk,pop,blues,country,jazz,dance and etc,
    But why only has rock,dance and rock bbs.

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    Yeah, this forum needs more.

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    What sections would you like to see ?

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    Id like to see an 'Indie' section, for smaller acts and those from indie labels.

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    And sub-sub genres for all different sorts of jazz

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    I'd be careful of adding lots of subgenres. Typically they end up with hardly any activity and it becomes more difficult for people to casually browse to see what's going on. I'd keep it to broadspectrum genres and leave it at that.

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    I'd disagree. I think a subforum for Independent Labels/smaller artists would be suitable, because that encompasses all small acts - not just 'indie' bands.

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    I don't disagree with that Vurse, I've just been around forums where they overcomplicate it and end up with no activity in the genre/subgenre areas. There's a balance and tbh glad I'm not the one that has to work it out. There are always people who want a niche area for them and their 2 friends that like undersea bunny hop but to encourage activity the layout is best when relatively streamlined and easy to navigate. Indie is a good one because it covers a multitude of areas.

    I'd probably start with the broadbrush genres, see what activity occurs, refine if needed. Possibly many tens of thousands of people are into Undersea Bunny Hop, I just didn't realise.

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    Of course there's a risk of no activity. But IMO I can't see the logic when what I'm proposing encompasses ANYTHING that isnt signed to a major label. That's alot of artists. So far theres no subforum to discuss anything other than Pop, Rock & Dance. At the very least have an 'Other' forum (or even Hip-Hop if you find my suggestion of Indie too "niche"), but atm it's very restrictive.

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    indie bands flood the market, so if you look at it that way then you should add indie. rather than add sub genres for example sludge, doom, grindcore, metal core, speed core,.......just add extreme metal... just a thought. i'm a grindcore drummer n an indie band.... don't ask, it's a long story but hey i'm a drummer and i like diversity

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    the newds last post just made me giggle, as a drummer i totally get the diversity thing of various beats, but its right that you cant overcomplicate in a forum like this and a space for every subgenre wouldnt work well, dc was clearly open to suggestions though

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    What other sections?

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    Ok if we were to add just two new ones, what are you suggestions ?

    Ideally I don't want to open loads of sub forums

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    pop, rock (as it includes metal already no need to sub forum), dance are current

    indie/unsigned is a suggestion as its own space

    and i think Blues and Country could be one section rather than two... would incorporate bluegrass and folk too

    Should this maybe go to a poll... get all the suggestions for section up (as condensed as possible with things like Rock/metal , blues/country/folk jazz/soul grouped together).... then the top 2 are the winners...

    seems a lil pointless to make a new section if theres no demand for it... so lets gauge your demand to see what the people want
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    dubstep as a subforum

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