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    What to say............ without breaking the rules? I will try my best!

    UK Is a very informative website. It is extremely useful for people who are abitious, motivated and focused towards geting their "foot in the door"!

    In regards to.......being tempted!- I personally lack all those attributes above and do not wish for an oportunity.

    It's not a case of just being stubborn I don't enjoy any persuit with music. The only real enjoyment currently is piano theory and doing it properly! Playing little bit on my bass guitar and then messing about with a couple of covers with some pals. That is all I want to achieve right now... I might change my mind in 12 months but right now this isn't what I want to do I'm just abit simple!

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    And Also.......... It is now slowly aproaching 11 weeks now...... and I am still waiting? My little query is very important to me its another tick on my checklist ..... please.............please..........please!
    I am just from a one horse town..........The fact I can spell my own name corectly on a tatoo means I am a classy educated lass, and also I haven't starred on Jeremy Kyle yet which again is an excellent achievement! Can you at least pretend to feel sorry for me and say Sam the answer to your Piano room query is.................... ,This isn't indulgance no..... THIS IS ENLIGHTENMENT!

    p.s. I will swap you for the information a pack of JIM BEAN playing (collectors) cards which have pictures of "famous bands" from 2006, and if you look after them in ten years they will be going for 2.50 on ebay. You got to speculate to acumulate its a win win situation.

    Kind Regards

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