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    Streetdance Movie

    Sparks as fly as the worlds of street-dance and ballet collide in STREETDANCE the vibrant, uplifting and ground-breaking 3D feature film from Vertigo films.
    While training for the UK Streetdance Championships, a streetdance crew are forced to work with Royal Ballet dancers in return for rehearsals space. With no common ground and passions riding high, they realise they need to find a way to join forces in order to win the championships.
    Directed by the award winning promo directors Max Giwa & Dania Pasquini, STREETDANCE features the cream of Uk dance talent, including show-stopping performances from Britain’s Got Talent 2009 winners DIVERSITY, a supporting for role BGT finalist FLAWLESS as THE SURGE and BGT winner 2008 GEORGE SAMPSON as EDDIE along with Matthew Bourne protégé Richard Winsor (as Tomas) and breakthrough brit actress Nicholas Burley as our lead Carly.

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    very well

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    It is awesome movie for me, I really enjoyed it. But this is not good as like Step Up sequel. Step up is ever fantastic movie. street dance is a great competitor of step up movie...

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    I am a great fan of dance.I never missed to ay dance show and i always like to watch dance moves from you tube.So it is a good for me that i can learn some new from the movie.

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    Definitely I will love to watch it...

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