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Thread: Do you backup your music??

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    Do you backup your music??

    Hi guys! I got a virus on my pc and I lost music I had on my pc for years it took me a lot of time to store all my fav music and rare songs from Live performance of The cranberries in 1990 till bands like REM (Live Studio version), U2, The Cure, Nirvana (demos) so for this reason, I recommended that you store your most important files with an Online Backup

    Many users have made the mistake of thinking backups are only for big companies or computer geeks, or even just thinking they'll do it when they have time. Unfortunately every single one of those users has either lost data by not having a backup, or they will one day. All computer equipment has a finite lifespan and will fail eventually.

    Most people don't actually have to backup every single file on their computer. This can require a large amount of storage and can take a long time. The critical things to backup are all the files you have created and any software that cannot be replaced. Financial records, word processing documents, legal files, music and the list goes on and on.....

    What Backup to use??
    Personally from now I use ZenOK Online Backup Just add your important files to your online backup. Everything you choose to include will be there for you to download on any computer just by using a web browser.

    Do you backup your fav music??

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    Yeah I backup all my music, have an external harddrive with copies of all my files on

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    Yesm but I donīt need any online backup tools

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    I accidentaly deleted almost all of my music once, so I'm glad I did a backup before

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    As audio is my business I always keep client data backed up and secure for at least a year
    on 2 x hard drives. I also never let any one drive I use work for longer than a year.
    I generally tend to stick to 500GB drives as they seem most reliable.


    SafeandSound Mastering
    SafeandSound Mastering

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    I backup almost everything on my computer, because I had a hard lesson too.

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    everythings that count for you in a computer need to be back uped

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    I like slow and sad song music very much.

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    Always. This happened to me once when i had lost all my collection..

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    Ya , I backup all my music,you can copy your external drive

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    Yes I backup all my music,

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    I not take backup...........

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    Yeah I always backup my data.whether its music or anything

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    I never backup my music...
    Actually I don’t have a lot of music on my comp.
    I listen online...
    I do backup sometime important things...

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    It really hurts when you lose files so I have three physical disks on my DAW I then back store current project files and subsequent version on all three drives. I then backup completed projects to an external NAS with raid level1. Bit over the top but if you have the stuff attached to your computer you might as well use it.

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    I back all mine up manually to a NAS and have a second copy of some of it on a laptop. Applies to stuff I listen to as well as the stuff I produce

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    yep, timemachine + another HDD + DVD's when project is finished

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    I have an external hard drive, 500gb so all my music goes on there as backup, i once lost many many many albums when my itunes messed up - it was gut wrenching - ALWAYS BACK UP x

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    It is so important to back your music up. Especially if you use Windows....
    I went through the horror and upset of losing all my Cubase files, a lot of them. It is a grim feeling.

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    Everyone should keep a back up of all music files as there may occurs various problems on computer or laptop anytime. I have an external hard drive and I kept backup of all music on that hard drive.

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