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    a milli

    a milli

    ive forgot about violence and i think about money,
    ive not signed yet but i provide for my family,
    when the right deal comes ill take im not a dummy,
    i wanna show a good life for who i called mummy.
    i grew up not having the best,
    all i was, was a pest,
    looking for a gold chest,
    but mum got all the food for the nest.
    but i did not resort to violence or crime,
    i worked just fine,
    in school i wrote lines,
    for school rule crimes.
    but that was as far as it went,
    you know school rules there bent,
    i didnt know hat they meant,
    but when i did to the head teacher i was sent.
    now i wont commit murder or rob a bank,
    if i do and get caught it will be my ship that sank,
    im not the titanic invincible to all,
    but if i sink im looking at a 3000 foot fall,
    to be honest im not that tall,
    but i wouldnt commit murder im not that cruel.
    now everyone wants to be cool,
    but when you act cool you look like a fool,
    but when your not cool you look like a tool,
    but no one is to cool for school.
    i would say im cool but people think im not,
    they think im fat but my lyrics are hot,
    that is cool its about personality,
    who you are and how you act in reality,
    but if people do not think your cool,
    not the sort of cool you get from a pool,
    then sort out your life dont drop out of school,
    dont commit any crimes and make others feel small.
    if you work hard not just in education but on the streets,
    you will be cool to whoever you meet,
    and friends you will make not crime at its peak,
    but if you be violent they will open there beak,
    and to the police oficer they'll speak,
    and in the prison gates you'll be for more than a week.
    if you think you will get far from acting hard,
    just look at me and you will get parred,
    lairy to the wrong person you will get barred,
    all you can do is play the right card,
    this will get you more respect,
    you will have a good life no regrets,
    i have no qualms with the people i met,
    i give a few favours i have no debts.
    where is the love when you boom boom pow,
    you get more haterz and your no longer cool now,
    you get offered money like your life is for sale,
    you live in a flat with your wife a fat cow,
    five kids and living off the dole,
    you should leave her and get a bank role,
    start of with a job dont commit crimes,
    and you will conquer all like optimus prime,
    now look around and what do you see,
    a homeless person or a hdtv,
    it dont matter what you see to me,
    we all have the same options of life destiny.

    i recorded this on my phone bad quality with a milli backing track and it sounded not that bad i love the lyrics they mean something to everyone

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    yo check it out wando ur lines r slick/
    u fcken tink am dumb,i no u copy rhymes nd sh!t/
    that way u come on ukmusic tinking dat ur sick/
    but srry mah n!ggah,real talks.......ur sh!t/
    am srry to let u down but does the truth hurt/
    copying r for pigz,that dnt no tht the r goin to get merked/
    ill keep u dumped nd slumped in tha dirt/
    that way u never see tha sunshine/
    u hav red mah barz u kno this n!ggah in town does it one time/
    so dnt come on threadz,wit ur sh!t ryhmes/
    cuz ill send u back nd fourth like bluetooth,so u done time

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    you think your bars are the best,
    i know that your just like the rest,
    i finish you off know blood on my vest,
    when i walk out no cut on my chest.
    i dont copy, steal or cheat,
    just coz your jealous its you that i beat,
    you think your hard just wait till we meet,
    not sticks and stones just hard concrete.
    now look im sure we can sort this out,
    to be honest what are you rapping about,
    you rap to me like your speeking another language,
    now i got your mum in the kitchen making me a sandwich

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    n!ggah u aint gonna hve no vest
    when the knife pokes trew ur chest
    tha best???am clearly better than you/
    your barz r eazy,its like fitting on mah shoe/
    about wait till we meet ,like i needa see you/
    like i needa see ur punk azz,u see me/
    for i see u.... catch u slippin,3 bullets thts whts gonna be hittin/
    push tha click bak in fourths,like a forskin/
    yh u standing there,inercent,tinkin i aint got nuttin for-him/
    yeh......u better warn him/
    better warn ur self,becuz i might eat u like breakfast in tha morning/
    U MADE HOW MANY THREADZ/ now n!ggah ur boring/

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    on your profile all i could read,
    n104life viewing a milli,
    it took you how many minutes about 20,
    i could write that bar in under 3,
    look i write threads coz i wanna be big,
    i dont wanna be like you a lazy little pig,
    now look i dont really cause no beef,
    but when the beef starts you'll loose some teeth,
    if you think i copied that then you dont know me,
    ha you have to swear to make rhymes,
    just meet my little friend optimus prime,
    what i do now i do all the time,
    look at my swag i look so fine

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    LOOL gass tlk like ill realy loose mah teeth behind da screen/
    do me a favour, ur goin dry go nd buy sum vasiline/
    u keep it slow,while i keep it movin like children runin for tha ice cream/
    optimus prime????n!ggah tht waz a waste of a line/
    u needa chill down,go to a chiken shop.aftah dat drink sum wine/
    aftah u finshed get a bullet goin down ur spine/
    breakdown on tha fcken pavement,then u will no in ur life u wasent rated/
    u was jus a lil peice of sh!t that everybody hated/
    comen on ukmusic waz a bad thing,u didnt no ur life will get bated/
    u will get FCKED UP....END OF STATEMENT/


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    look from me to you that statement yeah i rated,
    but your bars yeah there gated,
    im not hated just ask around,
    they love me more than they love my sound,
    and bullets nah its all about knife crime,
    ill stab you and your bird at the same time,
    but dont listen to me and all of my beef,
    im just rapping $$$$ and following my dream,
    your the cake and im the cream,
    lets put this behind us and become a team.

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    Okay guys, please stop repeating yourselves. Yo Wando, seems like you really love Optimus Prime Maybe you'll rock it after writing and writing everyday but you really need to focuse more! And stop talking about other mc's moms, you know. I know it's just putting out some verses and funny s*** but often people misunderstand things like that. Anyway peace out you both.

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    shut up man rashid if ur so good fcken drop something,we dnt need no $$$$$ a55 judge,mother$$$$en $$$$$

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    Haha, I like your sense of humor
    You think you're worth a single word of my lyrics? First go write some lines that a preschooler can't beat. And please forget about your simple rhyme or I'll eat you up rhymes..this is too silly. I thought you're able to handle constructive criticism but you should have finished the third grade.
    Anyway, peace out. Let the sunshine in your heart.

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    cheers for the advice rashid man,
    i dis people mums coz i know i can,
    what i spit the fans want more,
    when i walk past haterzz they look at the floor,
    you get me mic check mic check,
    n104life has some good barz there quite direct,
    look if a preschooler can beet this,
    then i think my verses are pretty p!ss.

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    look at this $$$$$$ chump a55 you talking like your simon cowel, what is this,u fcken wallie,this iz ukmusic we rhyme,we freestyle, we dnt come
    on it so a lil ratt idiot can tell us what to do shhh, if u wanna clash me bring it on,

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    that was really sweet. how old are you..six?

    slowly you see you don't have a clue
    I shut up for thirteen minutes and drop better lines than you
    it's clear to hear you rhymes just sound like I'm on toilet $$$$ting
    people listen to your dumb tracks and think of one word: skipping
    so dear sewer rat:
    your chick is ugly, smells like fish and waits for daily $$$$s
    babyface you're insane stop giving her more cakes
    that elephant lies on you and her weight's breaking your legs
    but you think that $$$$'s great like paying fo some sex with gays
    I know you had it before - you want to give head once more
    but let me just tell you that this is unhealthy for sure
    I come by and help you 'cause I cut that $$$$$es head off
    I really need a new bag and use this from now instead of
    now you want to thank me and talk about such and such
    the only thing that I ask you: What's life like without nuts?

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    to be honest ur bars didnt get at me/
    u dropped how many lines tinkin u hurted me,
    $$$$$$* WHY U GETTIN HAPPY/
    straight wick nd sh!t,ur rhymes r scrappy/
    unlike minez , da straight punchlines,will leave u to wet ur nappy/
    ma barz will leave yah singin heartbroken songs like dappy/
    nuts,fine $$$$$$ ill fcken feed yah/i guess u nevah eated ur breakfast evah/
    you go on like a fcken divah,talkin like sum fcken leader,
    ill make tha pumpy blast as i watch-and-see-ya, see me....
    i can leave yah,to get frikkan weaker/kallen me babyface,n!ggah r u smokin shisha/
    enough of talking like yah tuff,do me something or not,if u aint doin sh!t keep ur GOB SHUT/

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