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Thread: Music sequencer query

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    Music sequencer query

    Hello. I'm a newbie here, and I want to gain knowledge regarding the best music sequencers today. The following set of questions are for those who use such applications:

    1) Which music sequencer software do you frequently use?

    2) Which music sequencer apps (IPhone/Android) do you currently/frequently use? Why?

    3) What activities do you mainly use your music sequencer for?

    4) What do you think are the most important features/components that a music sequencer should have?

    5) What would your ideal music sequencer be?

    6) Do you see any improvements or new features that could be added onto the sequencer(s) that you currently use?

    I would appreciate it if you could answer as many of those as possible.

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    Just really started to get into music production so I aint that experienced.
    I use the step sequencer in Sonar X1 if I want to put a beat together quickly.

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