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Thread: Bring Me The Horizon: Hot or Flop?

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    Bring Me The Horizon: Hot or Flop?

    I am a total bmth fan but like, I want to know the reasons why people don't really like them xD
    That probably sounds silly but err, yeah.
    I get told by metal pans that they're too soft, I get told by scene kids that they're too hard and then I get told that its Oli Sykes.
    Which is it?, if any?

    Here's one off the new album
    New Bring Me The Horizon track '$$$$' on youtube
    YouTube - BRING ME THE HORIZON - $$$$

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    Never been a fan of them atall, don't know what it is just don't get them.
    Also, Oli Sykes is a total douche, so that also puts me off of them.

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    Not my cup of tea, bit boring. Im into me heavy rock.

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    Not really my thing either, heavier stuff is much better

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    I think they're terrible, As for Oli Sykes he's a complete tit..
    I prefer heavier stuff too..

    Quite into Your Demise, if you've heard them?

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    Totally agree with you.
    I love them, but I can understand why people don't like Oli. He's an acquired taste. Like Marmite.

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