Hey guys,

Any musicians out there in need of an affordable music video? Moonshiner
Films is an independent production company, based in North-West London,
specializing in low-budget music videos and visual effects. We're involved
in every aspect of production from script to storyboard to screen, and our
firm grasp of the filmmaker's craft, from old school movie magic to the
latest in digital techniques, means we can ensure superior production value
across the board - our credo is that low-budget doesn't have to look
low-budget. Our first two videos are now online and can be viewed at any of
the sites listed below. Check them out and if you think we can be of help,
get in touch.

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Website: Moonshiner Films
YouTube: YouTube - MoonshinerFilms's Channel
MySpace: Moonshiner Films on MySpace Films - New Films & Documentaries
Facebook: Moonshiner Films | Facebook

Email: info@moonshinerfilms.com