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Thread: ppl good at grafitti >>>

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    ppl good at grafitti >>>

    Would anyone be willing to write my name 'LSD' for me? Just need it for a cd cover, if anyones up for it, can you PM me, or post on here... nice 1!!

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    ye brea ill do 1 4 ya if u want i got a gd style of writin on me comp k

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    ill do one if ya want bro, i can do many styles yeh, if ya wanna see sum of my styles check out threads lik "graffiti, post em here" and "Luders a.k.a Pez graffiti " see what ya think, i can do better than this, jus a few simples, got more goin up soon

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    Ok, cheers guys, ill get in contact with you both

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