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Thread: Unthinkable

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    Anyone seen this film yet? If you haven't, go watch it.

    Maybe I'm just sick in the head or something but that film is easily a must watch.

    ...would you do the unthinkable to protect your people? How far would you be willing to go?

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    Never heard of the movie before but wikipedia tells me that the main character is getting tortured? Normally i cannot watch films like this but i do like Samuel L. Jackson. so maybe i give it a try as soon as the DVD releases. If it doesn't work, i have to start web conferencing with my sis again, like when i was watching Funny Games. tztz psychos..
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    Got it on rental at the moment, will report on how good it is soon

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    I never saw the movie is it worth watching I mean please give me your views so that I can think about watching it

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    The film was awful! It was just 2 hours of SJ torturing some guy, the plot was really weak in my opinion. I'll be sticking to 24 from now on =)

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