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Thread: Clamp Down

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    Clamp Down

    Before you lot start trying to rebuild the forums, you need to stop all these bots and spammers. If anyone visits the forum, all they see are a bunch of adverts.

    Recent examples -

    I'd love for the forums to start popping again but this is getting out of hand...

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    where is the spam on those links ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DC View Post
    where is the spam on those links ?
    Sorry maybe spam is the wrong word but regardless, do you want this to be a forum with a community or a forum for advertisements?

    The fact that the first three I linked are from the same person, all promoting this T-Time person is that not spam?

    Alongside that, bringing back dead forums from like 3 years ago should be an instant ban or at least a warning imo.

    No-one wants to visit a forum that looks like it just bred with a spamming rabbit. I can help clean up if your short of staff cos the forum was decent at one point, made me spend quite a bit of time here. Would like to see it brang back to its former glory...

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    Bane PM me please with more info about your ideas.

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