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Thread: My Ranting Rhymefest...anyone wanna challenge me?

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    My Ranting Rhymefest...anyone wanna challenge me?

    Braggadocio; profane-laced swagger
    Words that vacillate between hot knife or ice dagger
    A swirling wave of thoughts that seem to sporadically stagger
    Argumentative disses, worse than a nagger
    And it seems I am the lackadaisical lagger
    But all in all, it seems like I deserve the prize of "Most Arrogant Bragger"

    To a lesser extent of a hundred percent, all of y'all are overrepresented
    Fradulent intent of horizon event, accented from no dents from augmented torment of bilateral descent is what I dissented
    Now, now, no need to look demented, because you feel all discontented
    So where can all vented things lamented be circumvented?
    Staccato flows, irregular rhymeschemes, and the rhymes themselves segmented
    My rhymes kill, never cease, and will never and have never relented
    If flow has been established, then I just did it re-invented
    Rooted to the rule, substantiate upon the fact, signed, sealed, delivered and cemented
    Everyone knows when it comes to the slow flow or the po po's fo fo on the low low, my skills are unprecedented

    I exceed galactic, I define what is beyond astronomical
    I stare from the void at two beings that are being comical
    One's talking things that seem completely uneconomical
    While the other's here talking about laceration of things anatomical

    Hence why I described myself with two lines, and each of you with one
    Try and fight back, but he who has begun is already half done
    I am the quintessence of the light shedding the dark, like a midnight sun
    No one here says they haven't been outdone, cuz ask them all and as compared to me, they say you're below second to none.

    If complex lexicon but complicated rhyme-patterns are worse than double-bar charts
    The ink is black, the pages white, the colours of the spectrum are separated apart
    But you see, when they amalgamate together, they form what I like to call art.
    Some people can't rap, but they have heart;
    Some people can rap, but in the wrong way, they're too smart
    Some people are just farts that coward out before the track even starts
    I always say the cost are "Low Prices", like Wal-Mart,
    But some people are dumb enough to go to Wal-Mart and shop for shopping carts...
    But I think therefore I am; "cogito ergo sum" just like Descartes.
    So don't even try going through eccentricity's pros and cons
    All you'll get is a response of disinterested nonchalance
    Ensconced where I am happy, manufacturing a secret Renaissance

    And let me clear some issues about being superficial
    It's artificial, so let me make this official
    I am totally not for Britney Spears initials
    So that's no BS, at your request, and not in accordance to your behest
    So I don't know I why I try to keep myself a secret
    It's like I'll hyperventilate if I take a deep breath
    And if I do reveal, would I stress if it's a regret
    I guess I didn't get that memo; or that leaflet
    You know if anyone was as hard as me they'd be misled
    To think they had a load of street cred, and then they'd be dead
    Enough said, turning rap "beef" to "piglets"
    Sampling K'Naan, what to say is needless,
    Leavin' you speechless as though you were teethless
    And wasted on the floor to pick up its poisoned pieces
    And even though I've been on more red carpets than Ryan Seacrest,
    I'd trade it all away to follow Jesus
    And I don't sap off energy or draw blood like leeches
    I don't go for superficial privileges, like a discounted parking meter
    A wildfire starts from a spark, not artificial warmth from heaters
    No, my pen sparks the benchmark, not when I fetch off the tar
    No sixteen, no vaccine, my flow so sick, that my ten bars cough
    As if I'd scoff at Puff, who bluffs stuff, handcuffed over ruffs, wavin' over, crest or trough,
    Pretendin' to be rough and tough: Enough, cuz now I'm off

    But now I'm back, catch me at your doorstep, you gon' let me in
    No I ain't freaky like an intoxicated lesbian
    Who is obsessed with manly things like 24-hours of ESPN
    And if I'm bout to blow up all my enemies say "let's be friends"
    And when they hear me on the radio, they'll want to tune in to catch me then
    And all the girls who dared scream "$$$$ you" would be there to let me in
    It's like I'm in a class of my own, period gone, I'm off the hook like cordless phones
    Identity so right, but kick-flow so unreal, they say them colours must be wrong
    Wonderin' who will pass the baton, instead of goin' to pass the patron
    And respect is not expected it is earned
    And trouble can't be taught it must be learned
    And death won't let you see the light, like the prison yard you'd yearn
    Livin' uptown reppin' underground sound but I ain't done yet
    So sit back and watch the sun rise,
    Kick back and know that sun set
    Forever, and I ain't runnin' yet, and never will
    Never been made to make mistakes, to shake like an earthquake, to be the future like Cole or Drake
    Punchlines like Luda or Loso, and they gut checks
    And dirtier yet, they're like rough sex
    I'm on deck
    So I'm up next
    Cuz I'm success
    So $$$$ stress
    So sit there
    And witness
    No fitness
    It's godbless
    Technique to progress, is success, like oblige to noblesse
    And finesse, that suggests, to acquiesce
    Nevertheless to surpress
    Convalesce at the speed of the Transcontiental Express
    Egress, from press, that transgress, finesse
    Oppressed to think the game is like a contest
    Much less, to think yes, despite protest to recess
    And think that this is a stressed request that I'm unimpressed.
    Cuz I detest an obsessed, professed protest
    Therefore I suggest you attest to my behest your possessed jest.
    Did you get cardiopulmonary arrest to the chest?
    I wrest and divest, and yes I addressed and repressed
    that I request you confess or digest, depressed pest.
    How oppressed, you hardly expressed how you hardly progressed
    I'll leave you in a state of unrest.
    No zest, no guess, assess my success to attest I'm the best
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    ok you may have arithmetic that far surpasses mine

    but listn cuzzy you had me bored after the first few lines

    guess we dont mix you like shakespeare i like grime

    yes i do believe knowlege is power but famo your wasting your time

    youths dnt care about sporadically bull $$$$ all they care about is money and crime

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    Sporadic stands for intervals, you used the wrong adverb
    Grammatical mistakes can't cover up for a bad blurb
    Therefore keep trashing on your lies, it don't put me on surprise
    The game still won't change, even if I come in a disguise
    So disregard your nonsense, and immaterial substance
    And cease your tug at your nonexistent conscience
    That's cuz I define shine when my rhyme sublimes time
    And there's a fine line intertwined between the mind of your grind and mine
    Confined behind your blind eyes, disinclined and unrefined as though you would endanger mankind
    Get off the dime, call it a crime that enough heat will cause denaturation of enzymes
    Tell Nas I'm as live as a hive of predators: twenty-thousand species of bees
    Some have poisonous sting and some have pollinate leaves
    If staring at biopics and essays make you ill at ease
    Wait, until I start ranting off in Chinese

    And that's probably why Nas is right, hip-hop is dead, it's not reality
    You can't make the darkness shed light, instead you talk superficiality
    This rap crap has transformed what they write, led into a different dimensionality
    Musicality can't be defined in the auditory modality of tonality
    But I guess it's just the theatricality of personality
    That exudes automatically into monochromatically dogmatic erratic static

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    ok ok
    ok i start ranting off in chinese ,rang ching chong wooooooohaahha wan ($$$$... my... u.... suckkkk)
    you man got more chins then a chinese telephone book
    cough (fat $$$$) instead of nursing him the nurses turning into his own private cook
    poofin and pantin after the first letter he wrote.. i dnt knw how long it tookkk

    oooooof fattty........... diameter 2by4
    got soo fat cant fit through macccy dd's front door
    dnt try me fammo im too raw
    spell it backwards .................thats what ill bring too ur doorstep but with 10 pizzas or

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    why does a man call you concussion? when all you leave is scratch
    intelligence vs brawl normally its brain over brawl but what if man gives you a good match
    whats if the brawler ends the story wida abit of a catch
    you man think you got me on lockdown with ur big wooordds but ill kik down the door coz it was on latch....... lol my dirty freestyle

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    How strange at the ignorance of the Occidental to the oriental
    Expeditiously incremental, not regimental but temperamental
    Fundamentally monumental, and it's not accidental
    Experimental but detrimental yet exceeding transcendental
    So what's with the tension when Asian culture is mentioned?
    "They must be different, not in accordance to convention."
    And all the play-dumb tactics lead to further dissension
    In suspension of extension in hypotension
    From blind misapprehensions by not paying attention
    You can't grasp the minute concept of apprehension
    Think our minds are slow enough to be placed on pension
    Burst contention, but in pretension, hold the cordiality pretension
    Reascension of reinvention from all your ignorant condescensions
    Detention of the mind, we say exponentially on another dimension

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    knowledge is power!
    yowww......why you going on about asian culture that aint the topic thats irrelevent
    apprehension......cuzzy i take pride in my brain and the gift of intelligence
    and if you think i carry ignorance i suggest you resign and retire
    coz even i come out to be ignorant i got the type of brain einstein would admire

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    That's so funny, last time I heard it I fell of my dinosaur
    You even misspelled "irrelevant", is your brain sore?
    Someone forgot to pay the brain bill, he didn't even fully spell "because"
    Because the cause is that he won't admit the flaws for wars thinking he can defy the laws

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    12 still believe in dinosaurs..when you were born you must of fallen hard on you hed
    i mean...who gives a $$$$ if i dint fully spell becoz it aint no spelling ur the type of priks who r making freestyle ded
    if my brains sore....yours must be words will slit your throat then lets see how you manage.hhaha leave ya white tee blood stained red.......i can defy law coz you dont knw how easy it is to run from a fat fed

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    Yelling y'oww, you sound like you're in pain, more like a long rant
    Without pausing. He sounds like he's trying to roar but simply because he can't
    Trying to roar, but it's coming out more like a gentle growl
    Dying to soar, but failing because it's imbued with a mental frown

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    you cant hear how do you knw if im not whispering it's internet so lets get tht rite
    you dont get girls lost your virginity to a website
    you dont know if im pausing....and if i roared it be like my lines r throwin left nd rights basically a fist fight
    and even if it comes out like a gentle growl its more then enough to nock out your lights so night night........(sleep well)

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    The mental age of a three-year old is not the brain of Einstein
    Before you even pack the one-two punch, you can't even find lines
    Combine them, you can't even define the rhyme time
    Out of syncopation, don't even bother searching for the divine kind

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    yoooww...yehh ok.... i have the mental age of a three-year old but your brain aint developed ur still a sperm
    and yeh i dnt look for lines..i look for words of wisdom but ur likes wont understand this term
    yeh nd forget the one-two punch combo ive royal mail pakged the hooks and uppercuts but yu fam are on the basics still need to learn.
    i dint jus search for the divine kind... i dug,dived,drank till sucess was confirmed

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    If my brain wasn't developed, you would not be battling me
    It seems you are enveloped in your own battling spree
    If I was Willis, they'd call me Will. But since I'm the illest they call me ill
    Still the realest cuz I'm real, and branded your killer because I actually will kill

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    I'm an experienced surgeon, a Cuncussion's easy to deal with/
    These verses like scalpels that I use to slice and cut off your sickness//
    Damn I must have sc$$$$d your intelligence, those verses are evidence/
    They have a consistent lack of context never rise above irrelevance//
    You could look like the Cullen's in sunlight and still wouldnt be brilliant/
    That last verse sucked, lose your dictionary? welcome to reality Idiot//
    Our standings bolted to the floor, you'll never turn tables/
    When it comes to battles you're a quadreplegic, you aint even partially abled//

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    Umm, excuse me. Concussions are mental not physical you fool
    You're reusing and recycling words, ever heard of new school?
    Look at the two fakers linking up elbows talking on cellphones
    How you gonna ditch your moms at Shanell stores to go to Pharrell shows?
    And I'm not even gonna go in on panhandling Amanda for manhandling a panda
    And all for naught, just like aimlessly ransacking empty verandas
    Just like those in enraged cages just to gain your gambling wages
    And sorry I don't speak idiot, it's not a universally recognised language
    Talking about your experience of expedience
    Exuberance in words is not resilience to brilliance
    This player-hater makes cuisine that's Asian themed
    But'll mix steak-and-peas and crepes-with cheese with maple leaves

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    Quote Originally Posted by Concussion View Post
    Umm, excuse me. Concussions are mental not physical you fool
    ...Bad start. You wanna explain that or should I just assume the worst?

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    Assume the worst for all I care
    Pointing out facts is not worth the dare
    Criticising with no reply is not exactly a response
    Ensconced in nonchalance as I stare askance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bane View Post
    ...Bad start. You wanna explain that or should I just assume the worst?
    lol... my ninja fo'real! glad im not the only one who noticed.

    will get at u later if i get time (@work), also i think ull find he replied with criticism and it is exactly a response.

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    *Ah well, I respond to the rhymes and not the criticism one when I don't request it. =P*

    Also, I am on vacation so my online time is also limited.

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