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    Taio Cruz

    Anyone love this guy? I think he's absolutely amazing. Writes, produces, sings, raps, harmonizes, edits, and mixes all his tracks himself (well, sometimes with Fraser T. Smith, and Dr. Luke). I don't see Mariah Carey or Drake doing that.

    I've been following this guy since 2007 when his UK breakout single "I Just Wanna Know" came out, and thought: "This guy is gonna blow up internationally sooner or later". I guess now, IS that later, especially riding on the success of "Break your Heart" and "Dynamite". =P

    Taio's my favourite artist at the moment; he's like a British version of Akon and Ne-Yo (both of whom are among my favourites too) combined. There's yet to be a song by him that I haven't downloaded or don't like.

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    I agree with you, Taio Cruz is my favorite too. I also like the video of the song "Break your heart"...

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