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Thread: Moderator Incoming!

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    Moderator Incoming!

    Hello music junkies, audiophiles, aural-zealots, sonic enthusiasts, and all-around diehard fans!

    I'm a new Moderator around here, and like many of you, I'm obsessed with music! In particular, I enjoy indulging in mindless mainstream hip-pop, newschool rap, and Eurodance, although I also enjoy oldschool hip-hop for the lyrical punch.

    I'm infamous for randomly dancing like an idiot when a popular song comes on a radio speaker or intercom nearby. I employ a voluminous vocabulary and need a full dictionary to compensate for my magniloquent lexicon usually delivered at high-octane pace of boundless vivacity.

    And yes, I do my own music myself too. Though I will not post links or anything (not allowed here! =O), I am a poet, lyricist, and songwriter (and amateur producer) who much rather prefers freestyling over the existing 700+ instrumentals and growing in my iTunes library, ranging from sociopolitical matters and global issues to braggadocio-laced swagger and analytical disses.

    I find chart-heatseekers, club bangers, and all out smash-hits three months to three weeks before they impact mainstream radio where it will then proceed to burn out of your ears from overplaying. So if you want any new music, I'm your guy! It's possible at one time for me to single-handedly acquire 300 songs in a single day, and I average in finding at least 10 new ones every day.

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    I look forward to seeing your music, please drop us some links in the promotion area forum and promote your music!

    Anyway, hope you do a great job! Welcome to the team!

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